Tiare Face and Body Mist

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This scent perfectly captures and evokes memories of being in the French Polynesia.  Whether you arrived on Air Tahiti Nui and were presented with a flower, or a soothing cool towel at your resort, the Tiare aroma is unforgettable.  Tiare face and body spray by Kincaid is imported directly from the French Polynesia and bottled in the USA.

In an effort to reduce waste we have selected the nicest frosted glass bottles we could find with a bamboo top and fine mist sprayer so even when you've run out of the Tiare our hope is you have other uses for the bottle instead of throwing it away.

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Honeymoon in Bora Bora in a Bottle!

I am so happy that I purchased the Tiare Face and Body Mist, and the Tiare water. Since my honeymoon two years ago, I have purchased many scents that contain Tiare, in hopes of the smell that my husband and I loved so much on our honeymoon... But nothing was the same. I'm so glad that John Kincaid has bottled the EXACT scent from our honeymoon at the St. Regis. The scent is great for men and women, and I will need to order again soon since my husband now regularly wears this spray! It's amazing how a little sniff of this scent brings me right back to Bora Bora, and brings us such joy.


Smells great!

Who wouldn't want instant gratification of being back on a beach or just in Bora Bora. This spray you can mist anywhere and yeah. Incredible!

Joe G.

Instant Paradise

If pure beauty and perfection had a smell this would be it. One pump of this gentle mist will uplift your mood and day in an instant. This product captures the true scent of the Tiare, Tahitis' national flower. It is pure loveliness and the perfect gift to yourself and others. If you are wondering, as I was, what the difference is between the regular Kincaid Tiare Water and the Tiare Soothing Face and Body Mist, I have them both. They are the very same fragrance, but the mist is more suitable for applying to face and body, whereas the Tiare Water is perfect for bringing this lovely fragrance to your surroundings. I still cannot believe how affordable this beautiful scent is, when it could have easily been in the hundreds. It's amazing how bringing a bit of Paradise into your life can change your whole outlook.