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kincaid galleries

printing & framing

At Kincaid Galleries, we have a firm belief in preserving the intimate bond between the artist and their creation. This connection is an essential part of our philosophy and informs our unique approach to the printing and framing process.

Every artwork originates in-house, embodying a unique journey from conception to fruition. Each piece is intricately crafted, minutely inspected, and personally signed by acclaimed artist John Kincaid, with master prints handcrafted by John himself. This hands-on process ensures that the essence of the artist's vision is preserved in each detail.

Guided by John's expert eye, our cutting-edge Canon Aqueous printers are precision-configured to produce flawless photographic and fine art prints. They bring to life the vibrant colors and intricate details that are the hallmarks of John's work.

Our choices of materials reflect our commitment to both quality and sustainability. We employ handcrafted Italian mouldings, sustainably manufactured, and museum-grade, acid-free materials for printing. The result? Artworks that are not only aesthetically superior but also designed to last.

Seeking to blend the tangible charm of traditional artwork with the razor-sharp clarity of a photograph, we undertook exhaustive trials of paper and backing combinations. The result is a perfect symbiosis that delivers exactly what we set out to achieve.

To ensure the longevity of our prints, we chose a museum-grade TyVek backing paper. This superior material offers an elevated level of protection against moisture, safeguarding the print's vibrancy for years to come.

At Kincaid Galleries, we are dedicated to providing you with the best. The production process, being entirely under our roof, allows us to maintain an uncompromising commitment to quality. Each art piece we create is not merely a print; it's a testament to our philosophy, our dedication, and our passion for bringing joy through art.