About Kincaid Galleries

With a deep commitment to caring for the planet and all within, Kincaid Galleries posits a mission to minimize waste while supporting and celebrating ethical, sustainable and intentional practices. In underscoring its diligence to this unwavering ethos, Kincaid Galleries is 100% responsible for its eco-friendly print production in-house, employs sustainable practices at every turn, and works with the local community to repurpose and donate excess materials.


Printing: Kincaid Galleries offers print sizes and framing materials uniquely formatted to ensure minimal waste. Each piece’s backing board and acrylic boasts less than 3% post-production waste, while excess backing from larger prints are repurposed for smaller prints to ensure minimal waste.

Framing: Kincaid Galleries frames are all handmade in Italy with craft and care that results in a notably minimal 7-10% of waste. Free from toxic compical, each frame’s finish is shipped via green methods, including the utilization of woods from active reforestation programs.

Vendors: After Kincaid Galleries Founder John Kincaid visited Vietnam on a work trip, he learned firsthand of the labor and environmental inequities present in the production industry. Compelled to do his part to impart change, John committed to working only with vendors who engage in safe and sustainable practices.

Shipping & Packaging:

Prints: In an effort to achieve zero waste, Kincaid Galleries utilizes custom cardboard boxes that are 100% recyclable, also notably light in weight to make it easier to transport and dispose.

Aromas & Scrubs: All aromas are shipped using biodegradable packing peanuts in a recyclable box with kraft paper tape. Made from static-free organic starch, the packing peanuts decompose in water leaving zero toxic waste. Additionally, Kincaid Galleries’ aromas are enclosed in a thoughtfully-sourced, recyclable glass bottle, complete with a bamboo topper and calibrated dropper to allow for reuse beyond its initial intended purpose.