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Kincaid Galleries


Sustainability at the Forefront

At the heart of Kincaid Galleries is an unwavering commitment to our planet. We not only cherish the natural world through our artworks but also reflect that devotion in our practices. Embracing sustainability, we're steadfast in our mission to curtail waste, uphold ethical methods, and champion mindful practices that resonate with Mother Earth.

Prints & Framing:

  • Conscious Printing: Every print and framing material is meticulously tailored to minimize waste. Impressively, our backing board and acrylic register a mere 3% post-production waste. Plus, we repurpose surplus from larger prints, ensuring each piece reaches its potential.
  • Ethical Framing: Each frame, handcrafted with finesse in Italy, speaks of sustainability. Boasting minimal waste at 7-10%, these frames shun toxic elements. We further amplify our green ethos by opting for woods sourced from proactive reforestation endeavors.

Vendor Collaboration:

Inspired by a transformative journey to Vietnam, John Kincaid realized the need for equitable, eco-conscious production methods. This enlightenment led to a steadfast resolution: collaborating solely with vendors who share our passion for safety and sustainability.

Shipping & Packaging:

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging for Prints: Striving towards zero waste, we've chosen custom cardboard packaging that's not only fully recyclable but also lightweight, ensuring ease of transportation and disposal.
  • Sustainable Aromas & Scrubs Packaging: Our aromas journey to you cradled in biodegradable packing peanuts and recyclable boxes sealed with kraft paper tape. With a nod to reuse, our aromas reside in recyclable glass bottles, crowned with bamboo toppers, designed for extended utility.