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Stepping Stone

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Nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of the Amanoi Resort and the Nui Chua National Park lie rock formations so majestic, they appear to be nature's own sculptures, almost deliberately positioned by artisan hands. On a reconnaissance mission one afternoon, a particular cove with its intriguing rock architecture beckoned me. I felt an unwavering pull to return at dawn, anticipating the magic the morning would bring.

Despite the morning’s blustery beginnings, the universe conspired in my favor, bestowing moments of serene calm. As the restless waters settled into a placid mirror, bubbles rose, crowning the surface and reflecting the awakening sky in pristine clarity.

Life, much like this moment, is a sequence of steps. And "Stepping Stone" is a testament to the rewards that await those who tread with patience and unwavering resolve.

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Stepping Stone
Stepping Stone Sale price$599