Bora Bora

Framing: White
Print Size:
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Visitors of Bora Bora can’t help but “fall in love” with their first view of Bora Bora. This aerial perspective was captured from an Air Tahiti Nui Helicopter and highlights the emerald green vegetation and sapphire blue waters of
Bora Bora. After appreciating the heart-shaped appearance of the island from this angle, one might also notice the bluffs lining the outside of the island through its crystal waters. These bluffs and canyons tell the story of the island’s journey from beneath the depths millions of years ago to where it is today.

Limited Edition 150.


Framing and Dimensions- Hand-made Italian moulding
  • M - Standard Acrylic  - Museum Upgrade available
  • L & XL - Conservation Clear® Acrylic. Blocks up to 99% of UV rays. For ultimate protection and viewing consider L Museum Upgrade, XL Museum Upgrade which offers reflection control and abrasion resistance.

      Total Framed Dimensions:
      • M - White/Black - 21⅛ x 15⅛" (¾" frame)
      • L - White/Black - 42 x 30" (1 316 frame)
      • L - Cigar Leaf/Dark Ash - 42⅜ x 30⅜"  (1⅜" frame)
      • XL - White/Black - 62 x 42" (1 316frame)
      • XL - Cigar Leaf/Dark Ash - 62⅜ x 42⅜"  (1⅜" frame)
      Mat Width -
      • M - 1"
      • L - 2" 
      • XL - 2" 
      Print Only - Rolled and shipped in rigid tube mailer.
      • M - Image size: 18x12"; Paper size 19x13"
      • L - Image size 36x24"; Paper size 38x26"
      • XL - Image size 56x36"; Paper size 58x38"

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