Bora Bora


Captured from an Air Tahiti NUI Helicopter in August of 2020 on a perfect day this limited edition print is the result of a year of planning and some amazing luck with the weather.  It was important to me to showcase not only how this island paradise rises out of the sea with the deep bluffs surrounding the island, but also the architectural beauty of the resorts.  From this angle the island of Bora Bora almost appears heart shaped.

Limited Edition.


Frameless -  This arrives ready to hang and has a 3/4" space from your wall for that gallery experience.  

Framed - Kincaid Galleries only uses quality hand made Italian frames.  Options here include a classic white or our most popular Bungalow from in Cigar Leaf.  Please note this frame style comes in other colors.  Please contact us for alternate options.

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