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The Amanoi Spa is truly one of the more iconic settings I've ever seen.  Anyone that has spent any amount of time here knows the healing powers of this place first hand.  Taken after sunset when I still had a hint of sunlight in the horizon but late enough for stars to appear with a long exposure, I captured the ultimate of setting of serenity.  A calm, peaceful, and untroubled place you can go to with each glance of this print.


Size S: Printed on Premium Fuji Luster paper.  Mounted on a lightweight 1.9cm (3/4") black standout backing that provides a contemporary appearance to unframed prints.Serenity - Amanoi Spa 

Limited Edition Sizes:  Printed on Ultra Luxurious FujiFlex Crystal Archive paper.  Mounted Specifications:

  • DiBond backing.  DiBond is the industry leading composite material for print backing.  Composed of two aluminum sheets with a solid polyethylene core, Kincaid Galleries limited edition prints are incredibly durable and won't warp.
  • Proprietary laminate luster finish to protect and enhance the print.
  • Lightweight french cleat hanging system.

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