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As a landscape photographer I seem to have a shot with each collection that completely surprises me.  This particular sunrise I had been on the roof of the new cooking class building as it was under construction waiting for a moment to capture.  The sky was incredibly dark as if storm clouds were just passing and I had decided that the morning was lost for photography.  I made my way to the main pool admired the view, architecture, and truly appreciated where I was standing.  I looked over at Goga Peak and remembered my hike from the previous day and how rewarding it was to finally reach the top.  Then I noticed the lines at the bottom of the pool and just how subtle they were in the currently lighting.  I wanted to remember this moment for me so I setup the tripod and chose a composition that showcased the peak and the incredible view from this vantage point.  It was at that moment the sky opened up and I witnessed one of the most amazing sunrises I've ever seen.  The sun lit up the sky with an intensity that you see captured in this print.  

The print is named reflection not only because of the mirror image the pool provides of the sky, but this location at Amanoi is emotionally powerful.  My hope for this print is that viewers take the time to stop and look at it each day to reflect on their life, where it's taken them, and to be thankful that places and moments like this exist.  

Limited Edition 50

Framing and Dimensions- Hand-made Italian moulding
  • M - Standard Acrylic  - Museum Upgrade available
  • L & XL - Conservation Clear® Acrylic. Blocks up to 99% of UV rays. For ultimate protection and viewing consider L Museum Upgrade, XL Museum Upgrade which offers reflection control and abrasion resistance.

      Total Framed Dimensions:
      • M - White/Black - 21⅛ x 15⅛" (¾" frame)
      • L - White/Black - 42 x 30" (1 316 frame)
      • L - Cigar Leaf/Dark Ash - 42⅜ x 30⅜"  (1⅜" frame)
      • XL - White/Black - 62 x 42" (1 316frame)
      • XL - Cigar Leaf/Dark Ash - 62⅜ x 42⅜"  (1⅜" frame)
      Mat Width -
      • M - 1"
      • L - 2" 
      • XL - 2" 
      Print Only - Rolled and shipped in rigid tube mailer.
      • M - Image size: 18x12"; Paper size 19x13"
      • L - Image size 36x24"; Paper size 38x26"
      • XL - Image size 56x36"; Paper size 58x38"

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